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Market Research

Mystery shopping, competitive analysis, sales assessments – we give you the data to be successful.


Digital & Integrated Marketing

Social media, PPC campaigns, marketing automation and more to connect with prospects online, moving leads from the internet to you.


Creative Branding & Strategic Messaging

We develop compelling brands through digital and traditional channels, building brand awareness, boosting lead generation, filling the sales funnel and increasing occupancy.


Website Development & Strategy

Make your online presence known and put the internet to work for you, connecting, capturing and converting prospects online. 


Client Services & Project Management

Providing concierge customer service to develop strategies, campaigns, budgets, plans, tactics, events and programming that propel your community forward.


Marketing & Sales Consulting

Make Remix part of your team – on or off site – identifying needs, solving problems, providing solutions, sparking growth, and empowering your team to succeed.

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